5 Tips to save money in your next journey

By June 29, 2016Travel


Buy your ticket earlier

Buy your ticket 47 days before travelling. This is the estimation from Cheap Air (www.cheapair.com) after analysing more than 5M of flights.

Clean your cookies from the browser

Most of travel websites track your access. Clean your cookies, because the second time you make a search, the prices usually get higher.

Choose the Low Season

In the Low Season, prices are 40% more cheap than the High Season. Besides the price, all the environment is much more peaceful.

Alternative Accomodation

Rent an apartment and share costs with friends. If you go on vacations with your family, the apartment has much more space for the same price you would pay on an hotel room. Also is much more cheap in order to prepare your own meals.

Pay attention to the best disccounts and the local tips

Travel Market is highly competitive. GlobeStamp has an interest system that will allow you to earn great disccounts at hotels, restaurants and experiences or activities. With GlobeStamp app, for every action you take, like suggest places to your friends, the number of miles you travel, you will collect stamps that you can use in the disccounts.

With GlobeStamp you will have the oportunity to connect with locals. They know the best places and the ones that don’t have the prices increasead just for the purpose of the traveler.

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