What's better than saving money on a roadtrip and going further and discovering more with these savings?
Here are 5 ways you can save money ​on a roadtrip:

  1. Drive slowly
    Gas is one of the main expense items​. Take your time even if we all know that advance is essential!
    Speeding excessively or taking local roads that require you to stop constantly (or traveling during peak times) will have an impact on your gas tank.
    ​Focus on the shortest routes instead of the fastest routes. ​Of course, this can only apply if you have the possibility of taking your time. We are all well aware that for a roadtrip of a 1-week for example, it may be essential to use the fastest lanes to save time.
    If your car has cruise control, use it to stay on track.
    Check your tire pressure! You want your tires filled with enough air so your fuel economy doesn't suffer.
    Make sure the stations you stop at don’t charge extra for credit cards. Always have cash on hand just in case (note that this applies to all expenses when travelling…).

  2. ​Wild Camping
    “Camping for free is as easy as pulling off into a national forest and stretching out under the stars.”Opt for freedom and choose where you want to stop, sleep, eat etc. Find a quiet spot and set up your tent and/or park your van!
    Always be sure that the place where you stop is safe enough to avoid theft or other trouble ...
    If you prefer a roof above your head, you can sleep for free on a couch. “Couchsurfing” for example is available to everyone and allows you to stay in a local's home for free for a couple of nights. It's free, it's safe, and it gives you an insight into the local culture that you wouldn't have otherwise had.
    Tip: If you do decide to try Couchsurfing, remember to bring a small gift for your hosts or to offer to cook dinner for them one night—you're staying for free, so it's worth giving something back to the person who lives there.

  3. Do your laundry by hand
    Yes, it takes time and effort, but you will save money.
    When travelling for few weeks (or months), you will probably do not have much choice to go to the laudromat for your sheets and towels… But keep in mind that doing your laundry yourself allows you to save on the laundry and again, small savings on a monthly / weekly budget!

  4. Find free water
    To get water, you do not have to pay on kiosks in motorhome areas, you can find it everywhere if you know where to look at. Always have cans with you, and the bigger they are, the better... They are very easy to fill, but empty as quickly, because of showers, dishes, laundry etc. You can find water mainly in public toilets, where there are often faucets outside.
    It is also possible to find it in gas stations, beaches, highways, cemeteries. It's not hard to find and it's totally free!

  5. Move away from the city centers
    When you want to visit a city, avoid as much as possible paying car parks, paying places or other things you can do in urban areas. If necessary, go as far as possible and walk rather than spend your budget on a ticket machine. ​This allows to visit without ​spending money and to afford another small pleasure in town that we would have avoided if we had to spend 5 or 10 euros in parking. ​

    And you, how do you save money?

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