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04 Your stories

How will you tell your stories:

1) Inside Globestamp app - Go to your profile and click "add a new memory"

3) Enter inside that memory and add your story using the "addphoto/story" option

4) Every story needs a photo, and you can add more photos to that memory.

5) export the memory link and add it to this form using steps 04.1 and 04.2 of this form


What is a story, how can you write a story?

Using Globestamp app, create a memory and write freely about what you have discovered or the feelings you had during your trip, people you met, or special places you found... identify unique and relevant aspects about this trip. (example: it can be a special chat you had with one of the natives, it can be a unique culture story, it can be a love story, it can be a picture, etc it is totally free. The way you felt your trip is a feeling that belongs to yourself and it is unique, therefore you decide what you want to share.

Note: on the app, use the "sharing memory" option to gain more stamps, just share the link of your memory, to your friends

Identify your stories and memories using the fields below:


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