Hello friends!
We can call ourselves this way, right?

After going through four cities, visiting many places, meeting new friends and learning new things, it's time to go back!

I believe that is the worst and the strangest moment of all trips. When finish!
You know that you need to go back home to rest, but also you feel that you could be there forever! In Ushuaia, we spent more days, so the emotions came easier because we had more time to feel.

On this day, I have to admit to you, I cried. Yes. I could not explain why. I did not have a real or specific reason. I was so full of sensations, I was happy with myself because I overcame my limits by taking long trekkings.

Two years ago, I had hurt my feet playing soccer and also I had a spine problem with a hernia. I practiced yoga and other activities to recover, and in Patagonia, I could consider that I was well enough to go back practicing sports outside again. It was a moment to myself. This is so important in travel, you do it for yourself and you are happy for what you lost and won.

I was the last one to return. When I left the hostel to go to the airport (so cute, everything is made of wood), the wind surprised once more! In Ushuaia is very impressive. My backpack was heavy, and it rolled to the ground when I took the Uber out because of the wind.

When the plane went up, I was a little apprehensive because we could perceive the force the plane was flying against that pressure. At least, that was what the noise showed. Unbelievable the contrast of the mountains, the ocean becoming distant, that strong wind and the end of the world moving away from the window of my seat! Wow! I WAS THERE!

I had to stop in Buenos Aires for 24 hours. But the first few hours were gloomy! My flight was delayed, so I arrived in Buenos Aires almost at midnight. I decided to do the worst thing that I could do on a trip: go to a hostel that I had not examined anything. One of the girls who traveled with me was there, but I it was her first time traveling alone. I could not get in touch with her, and when I got there, the place had many floors, I had to go to the tenth and the elevator was broken! I tried to climb five floors of stairs with my heavy bags, but it was not satisfying! So I decided to go down and leave! Sometimes we need to take a decision.

I did not have enough pesos to get around by taxi for a long period, Argentine's money is like nothing! Many notes and no value. I stopped in four different places and nobody accepted cards in the reservation.
It was crazy! It did not look like a big city! I decided to ask for the internet of the driver to find in google maps an Ibis Hotel. I spent more than I planned, but it was very comfortable, I had a discount by paying with card, I slept in a bed of my own, so everything was fine !!

In the morning I went on the mission to buy more Argentine money, to take a tour of the city. But I found a new difficulty. In the center, there were few money exchanges, and most had a limit to exchange, (why?), which was not the amount I needed for just one day! I had look finding a Venezuelan in the line who agreed to put my money together with hers to exchange together, then it worked! Finally! Thanks, travelers protection!

I tried to go by bus or subway for a few laps, my idea was to go to Palermo. But for both of them, we had to spend buying a card! It is not possible to buy individual tickets in cash on the bus! I was getting mad! So I got off the bus and decided to go by taxi anyway. It was very exhausting! I did not want to break my Patagonian climate.

I arrived in Palermo and found a beautiful park, close to some nice bars and restaurants. I chose to sit down and have a couple of beers, great! When it was time to leave, I asked for a picture of a girl, who was with her friends having a picnic. They were very nice! We talked for a long time. They even gave me a beautiful string with a stone that represents self-esteem. After a lot of laughs and good stories, they called an Uber to me pick up my bags at the Hotel and go to the International Airport, which is faraway, so it was much cheaper than a taxi! My uber was a super nice Argentinean, he even paid me a popsicle on our way to the airport! Everything worked out fine! That's why I love connecting with local people, they can be great friends and make your experience easier!

I arrived at the airport on time. In Brazil, I still traveled for another three hours from Rio de Janeiro to Nova Friburgo, my city. I slept for sixteen hours in a row, then I was new. I stayed more than a week feeling out of orbit, Patagonia was still in me all the time. The short time I have been assimilating all this, writing for you, and now I finish, hoping to have motivated and inspired you to make an incredible journey of your dreams!

Do not leave it for later. Go!
And Patagonia is one of those places that we need to go to understand how it can transform us.

I am excited to know how my next experience is going to be!

It was a pleasure to share everything with you!

Happy 2019, folks!

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