​Paris - France

​"​​City of Light, a milestone in Life."​

Life is a chronicle

and the memory for synesthesia is a gift.

Close your eyes so you can see.

Feel the scent that brings a touch

A shiver that reminds you of an image.

A noise that brings back a place.

A taste that makes you travel in time.

Suggestions of people that know you may turn the trip into a much more interesting and creative one. Paris turned out to be much more romantic and special when looked over the eyes of a friend, older indeed, and former city resident. Things such as where to buy wine, the best bakery in town, how to observe the boats in Sena river, long walks across the city the historical monuments... I've spent the necessary time in each museum and have observed the sunset twice. About the French people, I've met many and they've always been welcoming. Everything was perfect, include getting to the city by train in the charming station of Gare du Nord. Even when you're travelling alone, people are very important showing us the way and being on our way. That itinerary made me feel as if my friend was there with me.

The last day was a sunny day. I left the hostel with my phone ears, my favorite play list and a camera on my hands. There was no script. Just walk and see what would happen. At the subway, I've decided that the Opera would be my starting point. As I climbed the stairs of the station, I've noticed that the building was shining as the sun hit its golden details. I took off my phones to feel the intensity of the city as I've heard from afar one of my favorite songs, Romeo and Juliet by Dire Straits.

I've guided myself by the sound and found a great group listening an Italian guy that travels the entire world with his girlfriend. There are musicians spread all over Europe giving charm to each corner, because there is no life without soundtrack. Music just lightens everything up. From Beatles to Bob Marley, he started singing a huge success in Brazil by Michel Teló that sounds a little like this: "oh, if I catch you; Oh my God, if I catch you"! Suddenly everybody stood up and started dancing as if they have rehearsed an international choreography! From Europeans to Asians, from the elderly to the younger ones, everyone was dancing! It was one of the funniest things I have ever seen!

So I've kept my journey with no destiny for about six hours. I've talked to French, Dutchmen, Americans, Tibetans... They all made questions, took photos as they walk through the streets and gardens of a city that you cannot explain. And that is Paris!

I ran to Georges Pompidou center of modern arts to see the sunset contrasting with the illuminated Eiffel Tower. And on the other side, the Sacré Cœur Basilica. A perfect highlight among nature and history.

At the end of the day, I took the subway towards Montmartre. My plan was packing and resting. But the absence of a script surprised me again. Inside of the elevator of the metro station, a young man smiled at me. There were about fifty people there. The second time I looked, he smiled again. He was a typical charming young French that works translating books. He was with a couple of friends. He found a way to bump into me on our way out and asked if I had fire. We felt this connection and one thing led to another; there we were, on those agglomerated wooden tables in front of the charming subway station having a beer. Montmartre is a bohemian place. I was being convinced to go to an American farewell party. The place was charming. There were two Italians, three Dutchmen, the American, a Spanish couple and ten French.  They loved to talk about Brazil and soccer... It was a very cozy house party.

When I flew to Dublin the next day, I finally could understand: Paris is not just a city, it is the city of light, a milestone in life. It's sure not a movie thing.

It's a life movie with unpredictable scripts.

​Christiane Mussi Ponciano, June 6

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