​Corolla - North Carolina

​"​Oh, what a place this was!"​

​There’s nothing more perfect or relaxing then walking along the shore line with the waves rushing over your feet and the feeling of sand between your toes. That’s how I would describe Corolla North Carolina.
Oh what a place this was, totally worth the adventure it took to get there. After flying Standby and not getting on the flights we thought we would be on, we end up having all legs of a trip you could ask for; from flying to road trip all the way to the outer banks of the state. This trip was almost as good as the song....”over the river and through the woods to grandmothers house we go”; but better said this way ”over the bridges through the forrest and cities to the outer banks we go.” From flying to driving we made it to our destination. It took 22 long hours to get to ‘The Black Stallion’ in Corolla, North Carolina. The outer bank #OBX I had no idea they even existed. The east coast couldn’t be more different then the west coast. The water is calmer and warmer. The seashells are bigger and there’s plenty to pick from. It’s a small town with a small town feel. There’s plenty of lighthouse along the coast, if your in Corolla I recommend the Currituck Lighthouse, only 220 to the top but the view is worth ever one of them. You get to see both the Atlantic and the Bay at the same time and how they are so similar but so different. Just south of Corolla there’s another small town called Duck that has so many wonderful things to do. But we were in the mood for a doughnut and made our way to Duck Doughnuts. They make them to order in which ever way you wish. If you want lemon glaze with bacon and sprinkles on a chocolate cake’s yours. And getting to watch it get made, makes it all worth it. There is so much to do on the outer banks, I could go on and on about all our adventures. All I can say is that I can’t wait to go back and spend more time doing all that Corolla North Carolina has to offer. So until next time!!!! 
P.S. I recommend an epic road trip play list that will hit all the highs and lows of a road trip. With all genres of music we listened to it all; from Disney sing alongs to twangy Country to a little EDM and everything in between thrown in. Never a dull moment when road tripping.

Ariane Mcquain, June 22

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