Today we will be discovering Berlin, the capital of Germany. A city full of history, culture, cutting-edge architecture, amazing food and fabulous parties!

Welcome to Berlin

A little bit of history

In every corner of this city you will find evidences of its history. Berlin was a territory of a revolution, the headquarters of Nazis, turned into pieces by bombs, separated in two and then reunited again. All of this happened only in the 20th century!

Want to know more?

Visit a mesmerizing Prussian Palace, the remnants of the Berlin Wall, the room were the Holocaust was planned or the Checkpoint Charlie.

This is the perfect city if you are into history and parties. The past is present in every corner you walk by during the day and during the night you have a large number of options to party. Berlin offers party places for every taste, age group and budget. You will be able to choose from small clubs to industrial techno temples and so much more!

Berlin is a big city but you can easily discover its magnificent areas by foot, bike or public transports and whenever you feel hungry you will easily find a cafe or restaurant that will please your taste.

Memory of Berlin, By Carla Nuno

This is a real memory from one of the GlobeStamp users:

“When my sister and I first arrived at Germany’s capital city for me it was like stepping into the Twilight Zone. It just felt eerie. There is so much history behind this city that you feel totally overwhelmed. Every corner reminds you of some detail out of mankind’s behavior towards one another. Creepy, right? It hits you hard at first but after you walk around for a while you don’t feel like that anymore. I have always had an overwhelming interest in world history and always learn something from studying it. Thank god Hitler never learned anything from it because if he had he would have learnt that he was defeated at the same place as Napoleon… Russia and its so called “General Winter”. But forgetting al that you start to enjoy the scenery and its famous landmarks and enjoy the fact that this city has finally been freed from its confinement.” (…)
December, 2017

This is a part of Carla’s experience in Berlin, if you are curious to know the rest you can read it in the GlobeStamp app’s memories and share yours too!

Berlin, the greatest cultural extravaganza one could imagine.”, David Bowie

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