Patagonia, South America

Roadtrip in 12 days with more than 2 thousand kilometers in four cities with 15 people!

Let' me share with you how it was! You should do it!
It is an astonishing experience!

Hi, friends! Nice to meet you, I am Chris, and I will share with you details about my adorable road trip and I will also prepare a lot of information that you will need to plan your own trip with style and safe!

Do you love having a passport with a lot of stamps?
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I started my trip in Rio de Janeiro (23) and arrived in El Calafate, Argentina on November 24 November. I traveled inspired by RoadtrippersBR, a kind of expedition that brings people together. It was my best decision, I felt like traveling with my childhood friends as if we all liked the same programs. Sometimes we just have to do something different, and I'm proud of that.

Have you ever taken an unconventional trip? Tell us!

I divided my post by cities to make it easier to understand my route. OK? However, I have prepared some chronicles to contextualize the beauty and energy of some experiences in certain places.

My intention is to make your travel with us. Could you try to feel it? My three words to define Patagonia are intensity, beauty, and emotion.

My wish: to see you decide to do it one day!

El Calafate - Argentina

The beginning - getting to know everybody

The trip to Patagonia began with something completely new to me: travel with twelve more girls that I have never seen before. And you're probably wondering, how did you do it?

We met at the airport along the way. To integrate on the first day we had a barbecue at the Folk Hostel. It was a great idea! We became like friends so fast. It is very interesting how people connect so easily when they are distant, they can be more real and sincere.

Traveling in a group you've never seen before requires understanding and respect. Taking the road is the university that forms you in exchanging, in partnership, in humanity, in respect, in practice for your best version that fits in this world. Patagonia had an extraordinary force to make me believe that we can accomplish all that we have planned, that we should never doubt our abilities. We need to have focus and dedication.

The splendid Glacier Perito Moreno and Nature's Force: MiniTrekking with Whiskey taste and the impressive thawing of ice blocks

The Perito Moreno Glacier is a glacier that goes along the southern side of Patagonia, on the border between Argentina and Chile, five kilometers wide and 60 meters high. It takes time to absorb so much beauty and grandeur. And I had no expectations because I always bet on the value of the surprise. The place has indescribable energy! Seeing all this power of a glacier so close from it causes an impressive impact. It is a visual and sensitive contrast that brings meaning to everything but also many questions. We are so small in front of all this. I love natural places. When you are near a glacier, you can say that humans are delicate lives in the world.

I've never done anything like it. The feeling of walking under a glacier is indefinable. The trekking takes about an hour, and on the way, we saw deep fends, in addition to caves and running waters, icy, ready to be consumed. Nature brings us all we need. I suggest you wearing sunglasses because the sun's reflection on the ice is very intense and it makes the eyes cry. In the end, we are presented with a few doses of whiskey with local ice and great chocolate. Could you imagine how it is incredible? I don't really like distilled spirits, but I distinguished it to be a part of that moment. It was unbelievable!

At the Glacier observatory, we can see the blocks breaking and falling into the lake like multi-story buildings, causing a strong wind and lots of water. It is good to note that it is not a phenomenon of global warming. It's natural and very astonishing! You can feel the water gushing down your face meters of distance. In silence, you can be observing the immensity and feel your heart.

We drove approximately 70 km by RP 11, in a stunning road, to the base that takes the boat to go to the glacier to do the mini trekking. It is an enclosed walk that can be scheduled through the agency Hielo Y Aventura, that is in the center of El Calafate, and you can go walk from Folk Hostel. Some people have chosen not to do it and go directly to the Glacier viewing vantage point, where ice blocks rush into the lake impressively. I recommend the mini trekking. It is something completely different, it is a moderate walk, there are no difficulties. you just have to pay attention. In addition to waterproof boots, which are essential in this trip, we need to put a type of iron in the foot to be able to walk under the ice. You will like it, trust me!

I hope you enjoyed our first day at Patagonia! The road trip only starts on the next day !! We will take the road early towards the border with Chile to visit the Torres del Paine National Park. On this day we spend the night at the charming city of Puerto Natales! 

I am waiting for your comments! 

Let’s go to inspire yourself to do something like this?


>> Folk Hostel, José R. Haro, El Calafate, Santa Cruz, Argentina. It’s a great and sociable hostel. They make us feel like home. I keep them as friends, they received with love my friends from Germany and also interact with us on Instagram. Everything is new and you can go to downtown Calafate on foot.

>> Hyelo Y Aventura
Av. Libertador 935, El Calafate, Santa Cruz, Patagonia, Republica Argentina.
$ 3.600 pesos
This is the company's website that has the mini trekking and has access in English, Spanish and Portuguese:

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