Hi, Globestampers, how are you?

I am Christiane, I am from Brazil and I will tell you how I became travel explorer.

Christiane Mussi,

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Do you know when you are dreaming about something that would make you happy?

That was the moment that I found Globestamp on Linkedin, when I was looking for jobs that I would like to have one day. Suddenly, international traveler content creator would be a nice idea. I did all my best writing the good memories that I had remembered about my trips of the past. I felt as I was born for this job. Globestamp is like soul. People need now more about different places and also different cultures to leave lighter lives. The concept of Globestamp is very appealing because it humanizes travelling rather than turning it into commerce. Traveling is a school in life, it brings learnings and inspirations. I have the facility to communicate, so I always find a way to experience the local culture from the point of view of the locals. I believe that every place and person we meet make who we are today.

Last year I was exciting all the time to become a content creator of Globestamp. It always seemed to me like a utopia. Why are they going to choose a Brazilian girl, not someone in Europe? In September they send a message talking about the plans for this year and I offered a partnership to anticipate the experience during my personal trip to Patagonia. And today, one month after I back from there, I am so glad to share with our followers how was this amazing experience. I feel grateful and blessed about this opportunity because to inspire people to open their minds when they are traveling. Travel with the mission to spread the spirit of Globestamp was an incredible sensation! When I applied to be hired, I was not sure that it would be possible for a foreigner. I worked for 10 years in a communication company, and I also traveled to do interviews, but it was very exciting to feel myself working while I was enjoying a moment of leisure at this time.

On this trip, I am learning how to balance the professional and personal sides.


I was confident that I could inspire people during this trip. I remember many times that I talked to guys at the bar, or at the mountains about sharing their moments with us at Globestampning App! I could not organize my thoughts, my heart and also my pictures to start sharing before this month! It was a tiring trip. Many things happened at the end of this year, I needed time to understand what I was feeling. But now I am excited and I prepared a great post to help you organize yourself to go!

In August, I met some German guys when I was on Beach House Hostel, in Rio de Janeiro. That was when I decide to move from Rio and try to feel the city about the perspective from the foreigners. That's why is so important to do local friends wherever you go, and I became this friend for them. Now, while I am doing these posts I will also be helping my friends to plan their trip and have the best experience possible. They spent some days at my house beach in Brazil and left this morning to go Patagonia and enjoy the same rote after being inspired by my trip last month on Roadtrippers. I felt myself a little bit down when I arrived in Brazil, because we really miss Patagonia vibe all the time. But spending this time with the Germans since the end of the year, swapped my energy.

When I found Globestamp in my life, no one believed that it will be possible to work for a travel application from Portugal. Writing this post I tell you: always do your best and the best things are going to happen with you. Just Believe! And keep trying, or keepmussing!It is my personal mode. And you, would you like to go to Patagonia? What do you know or expect about this southern region of South America? Do know why people wish a stamp from the End of the World?


What kind of traveler are you?

I have an adventurous personality and I like to travel to try to overcome myself and surprise me. So, I consider that I have a freestyle of traveling.  When we leave the comfort zone to explore the unknown, we discover great moments. Each place has its own style and energy. It takes sensitivity to capture the best memories. In Chile they are more organized and worried.

In Patagonia, the days are very long, the roads are distant and beautiful. A road trip requires a lot of energy. The body gives its maximum. The trekking was long, with stops to eat, drink, change the layers of clothing. Everything needed logistics and attention.

Walking, breathing, and knowing the moment to keep in silence to do the contemplation of nature, which has a strong presence in that place. We raised our heads and heard the primitive sounds crossing the body with the cold wind between the forest and the ice. Patagonia has powerful places. You can hold an iceberg with your hands, you can do trekking on glaciers, you can walk on forests or do kaiaque road and put a beer in a frozen lake. You can also go to the waterfalls during the night to see the stars and feel your heart. I made lots of friends on my way. It's was wondrous. Germans, English, Americans, Argentines....everyone from everywhere. I love to interact with travelers to known the places and people from all countries. I am curious to know why they are traveling, what they like to do, where they usually go, what travel can change in their lives. When I travel, I feel stronger and more comfortable. It is a chance to discover lots of nice things about society, nature, and ourselves. We become more real at these moments! Life is too short and we may only live once. That is the most important reason for us to live according to our motivation, not by the others.

​We barely slept, traveled many days by car and bus crossing many borders, climbed mountains, had lots of beers and shared feelings. It was lovely to see the union and the overcoming of each one at different times. Tears of joy, goodbye, everything very intense! And what can I say about the places? Total energy! There we felt that everything could be simpler, more poetic, richer and less accelerated. 

​Life is about changing cities, collecting times, places, experiences, people and stories. Patagonia thrilled me a lot, and also because it made me insecure at times with the responsibility of being an official producer of travel international content. I had to learn to deal with a mix of feelings between my personal and professional sides and now I am seeking this balance so that I can follow this path successfully.


The traveler helps. And help can heal us as a hug. We have to donate what we know and be willing to receive what comes from the universe in our way. Who gives part of himself without the intention to gain something back, plants good things. That can be the spirit about travelers from around the world, because traveling transforms and connects us to our purpose. We are what we do to become more of ourselves and less of others. You can not make everyone like you on the road, but you can always be tolerant and empathetic. Through the way, nothing is coincidental. Everything makes sense: the people, the places and the conditions. Everything will be best at that time for you to evolve towards the direction you need to go in your life. Just feel your heart. We learn by living the limits and vibrating beyond the limits of others. No one is alone.

I have a good tip for you about Patagonia. The internet is rare for tourists. So do not worry about sharing before you can live! It is unlikely that you find a quality signal. It is rare in many places and there are many people at the same time trying to do the same. Do not lose your time trying to do this! When you travel so far, you really need to be there! It's different from Europe, for example, that you can find wifi in all the cafes. In fact, I have not seen any world-famous shops there. There is no Subway, Starbucks, McDonald's… Everything is local and simple! You just have to keep your family knowing that you are safe.

Connections are important to inspire life, but sometimes we need to focus on just sharing the moments and feeling the places. When people arrive at the bar with wifi and take their phones, they lose moments. I felt all the time connected with the spirit of Globestamp and I was immensely happy to introduce myself as a travel explorer. In addition to helping people to organize their trips with tips and feelings, Globestamp promotes a bonding vibe that I love! When you slide on app the memory of your friends, you feel like traveling together. It's really cool!

I hope you enjoy my travel memories of Patagonia on the next blog post. There were more than 2 thousand kilometers of road in 13 days, four cities, many adventures and magnificent landscapes! Thank you Globestamp for sharing that vibe! I am very excited to see the memories about the next ambassador and wait for my next trip, this time outside of South America. Who knows? I do not make plans.

See you folks!

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