Travel and holiday. 

Often we just can not wait that we turn our brain off and experience something new, refresh our perspective of viewing life. But how we can really take our time off and make those travel moments really count? 

Here are 6 tips for you to make this happen.

1. What are your expectations, goals from travel?

You travel to relax and chill? You want to change the rhythm of your life and get mindfulness a little bit back? Or to connect with new people? Would you like to see how other people live? Or to be adventurous and get inspired by new views of the world that you have never seen before? 

Sometimes we expect to experience everything at the same time. Focus on one thing that it is the most important for you and that you know you need the most.

2. Be grateful.

Being grateful helps you feel good and keeps your perspective more fulfilling. Take moments to see positive things in each travel day, to be grateful for new nice people you meet, admire small but so different flowers, different kind of architecture. 

Take the most from inspiring moments you experience along your way. Try and write some of them down every day. This will create for you positive view on life and you are going to cherish each moment even more. And what is best with writing them down? You can always look back to them whenever you will need some of fresh wind into your homebased routine.

3. Embrace flexibility when possible.

When you travel things just go wrong. Or maybe not in the way you have imagined before. Traffic delays, things you forget to pack, you can get sick or maybe you don’t get accommodation as was on website. If you stay rigid in an all-or-none mindset, then you may view your vacation as ruined. 

But if you can be flexible and being able to realize that as is life unpredictable also travel can be - then you are going to rather have a great experience or even some entertaining story you will love to tell others! Do not forget that those stories from travel can be the best, and what could be better than to describe them in details. In our Globestamp app you are able to write, describe and save those stories in a matter of just few seconds!

4. Stay away from screens and social media.

Nowadays we are constantly connected with social media and also travel can be nothing else than posting your beautiful pictures from travel so your friends can see immediately how great time you are having. 

But what if you stay away from this need to proof others your good time? And you let yourself just be? What if you spent time truly observing your surroundings, or engaged in conversation, or even observing yourself and how your body feels as you sink into relaxation in a new place?

This can for sure bring you more mindfulness and higher ability to enjoy the moment. You are going to remember more details of your trip and your travel stories will be more colourful of your feelings!

5. Don’t forget to breathe and take time for yourself.

Sometimes we are pressured to experience as much as we can. To see as many ‘coolest things’ (of course because of pictures) as possible. And we are squeezing everything in our ‘holiday’ schedule. 

Travel is not about how many new cool things you see, but how you experience them. So don’t be in rush and take time for you to breathe! This will help you getting greater experience and being more happy during travel time.

6. Share travel experience with others!

Travel can open your eyes, seeing new cultures can break your “boxed mind”, taking the time for yourself can give you introspective look into your past life. Travel is best gift you can give yourself and make it count. Be mindful of what are you experiencing and write it down. Share your experience and your feelings with others that are having similar thoughts. Share those with your closest friends, family .. or with community of travellers like our Globestamp community that is daily sharing pure travel experiences.

We are sure those 6 steps can get you more fulfilling travel experience. Travel can be inspirational and travel stories shared in community of people who understand each other even more. 

So yeah, ... Go, discover, enjoy, wonder!

And stamp someone’s life by sharing your inspirational story.

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