L​isbon - Portugal

Aside from all the beautiful places you will visit and all the amazing pictures you will take, traveling will give you even more wonderful gifts: experiences. Life experiences where you will probably have the opportunity to discover new shapes ... of yourself!

Here are few things that will probably change in your life once you start traveling:

  1. You start accepting people as they are and stop judging them.
    When you are traveling, you start having the ability to understand people when you meet them and listen to them. They will tell you their stories, why and how they arrived to this particular place, next to you. Then you become more open minded and understand that everybody sees the world differently and thus acts differently which will turn you into a more compassionate person towards others, even if you don’t agree with them or entirely understand their situation.

  2. You stop wasting your time.
    Nothing is permanent, even life is temporary. Traveling for an extended period of time makes you realize how fragile life is and how the little things don't matter (“…cause every little things gonna be alright…”). Then, finally, you will start finding enjoyment in small joys of life (and smiling more often…). “Travel will make you realize your mortal, temporary existence and the limited time you have to experience things when you sense the immortality of nature staring back at you”. Best part as well is that you start appreciating the journey, as much as the destination. (Life is also a journey)

  3. You realize that you could spend your entire life in that bag-pack life style. 
    After understanding that little things don’t matter as said above, you will realize material possessions are less valuable than strong experiences and how many unnecessary stuffs you carry on yourself everyday (and let me tell you how hard it is to carry so many unnecessary things…).
    This will teach you that there aren't many things that you truly need and to appreciate the things that you really like to have when this happens, such as a clothes washer, clean and soft sheets, hot shower or bath... To conclude: you realize that leaving your comfort zone and trying new things is a really amazing experience. =)

  4. You learn who you are and to increase your self-confidence.
    Travel will show you different shapes of yourself. It will introduce you to a totally new You. In fact, you will realize that being alone doesn't mean that you are lonely.
    Needless to say, when you travel alone internationally you become a complete independent person so it goes without saying that this can made me more confident in life.

  5. You realize how lucky you really are
    Travelling will teach you gratitude and patience. You wiIl give more value to what you have: a house with running water & electricity, education, daily food, health, safe community, freedom…

  6. Other things travel can teach you:
    - Ability to adjust to most of the situations and circumstances of life
    - Independence (as you are in charge of your transportation, safety and food)
    - New things such as cooking, speaking other languages, working in new areas, economics... as you must know how to spend your money...

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