London - UK

​Piccadilly Circus, “the place where you’ll encounter someone you know”

In 2016, I and my mom went to London for a little “mom and daughter’s vacay”. After checking-in in our hotel we decided to get some coffee and snack at the Paddington Station before starting our London’s adventure.
At the coffee shop we were attended by a Portuguese waiter which we found to be a funny coincidence since we had just landed from Portugal. We told her that the first place we wanted to visit was Piccadilly Circus and she told us that it was “the place where you’ll encounter someone you know”. We thought “yeah sure, we don’t know anyone here so that won’t happen to us but it’s a funny saying since it’s a place with a LOT of people, mainly tourists”.
We took the subway to our desired destination and when we were climbing the stairs to get out of the Station I started running up the few stairs left and screamed “Ochiriri !!!!”. My mom thought “What is she doing? Is she crazy? And why is she screaming Ochiriri??”. A few seconds later she gets to the street and sees me hugging a boy! But who was that random boy? She thought. 
Well, that random, but not so random, boy was a friend of mine from Portugal! Yes, what the waiter said that would happen actually happened to me at the very first second I put my foot in Piccadilly Circus, (what were the odds?)!! 
Oh, and to clarify my friend’s name is Ochir, he’s Russian, and I screamed ‘Ochiriri’ because it’s the nickname I gave him.
What were the odds of me finding my Russian friend (that I met in Portugal) in the very first second I went to Piccadilly Circus (the old Portugal Street)?! I don’t know, but it happened and it blew my mind !

 Inês Monteiro, June 15

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