​Sydney - Australia

​"Pre-Christmas in mid-summer with 30 degrees."​

​​After more than 28 hours to get to the Land Down Under, landing in Sydney was worth every second spent in the airplane. G’day mates!

Sydney is a beautiful city, well cared for and full of friendly people with a huge respect for nature. You are in the middle of a modern and cosmopolitan city but always surrounded by trees, gardens, and if you pay attention you can spot some funny animals.

To wander around is my favourite way to know new places, so a walking tour at Circular Quay was the kick off for my journey through the city. Here it’s easy to stop to contemplate the Harbor Bridge, iconic image of Sydney. There is a lot of people climbing this steel arch bridge, but I chose just to watch them and stroll through the historic Rocks District.
No trip would be complete without a visit to the Sydney Opera House, an amazing piece of architecture. The water is always present and the Royal Botanic Garden is just a few steps away. The garden is a peaceful place, with a great view to the ocean on one side, and to the CBD District with huge and modern buildings on the other side.

Where to eat: just pick one of the several restaurants in Chinatown.
Where to drink a good craft beer: Surry Hills. 

And don’t forget to drive-around

Bondi Beach
The most famous beach in Sydney did not disappoint!
I visited Bondi Beach in November, and was the first time in my life that I could experience the pre-Christmas in mid-summer with 30 degrees. Living the pre-Christmas in Bondi is carrying a surfboard, catching waves and working out at the bars. Full of young tanned bodies, Bondi is eye-candy.
One of Australia’s best coastal walks is Bondi to Coogee, and this 6km stretch of coast is downright glorious.

I left Sydney thinking how it could be the perfect place to live and enjoy the good stuff of life. And it could be, for sure!

Farewell, mates! ​

Mónica Oliveira, July 9

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