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Are you excited from previous blog about Glaciar Perito Moreno?
Now you gonna follow us in a mission to cross the border between Argentina and Chile. This time I feel myself on a roadtrip, driving away!

Do you like roads?
Let's go?

Crossing the frontiers - Three-dimensional nature at Torres del Paine with Maternity of Guanacos and the vibration of Puerto Natales

On the third day, we left El Calafate after breakfast and drove about 254 km by the RN 40 to cross to Chile. The process is not long, but it depends on the number of cars crossing at the border. First, it is necessary to leave Argentina, and after entering in Chile, there are two different stops. We did not spend more than an hour doing this. In Chile, there are more restrictions, including foods, different from Argentina which has more allowing customs.

We did not enter the National Park of Torres del Paine this time, so we didn’t trek over there, but if you have time, you can buy in advance the tickets to get in and you can walk over there.

We drove around the Towers and stopped at really impressive places with lakes and waterfalls. It's like tridimensional vision when you see the reflecting's sun on the stones, it is very wondrous.

In the nearness of the road, there are many Guanacos, a very charming local animal. They are similar to Lhamas, but they are not one of them! Unlike other species of camelids, this animal has a shorter coat and can spend four days without water. Can you imagine?

Our guide told us that it was the first time that he saw such a concentration of mothers with their guanaco's babies. It was fun when one of us tried to take a selfie with them and he runs away. There are many stories of animals that get stuck in a fence, especially in the winter. People usually try to help when is possible. Our guides have a beautiful history about this, they found one hurt for days locked in a fence. It's nice when you can help the animals to be alive.

​After an incredible day of sun, roads, and contemplation, we follow to Puerto Natales, a Chilean city that is some 76 km from Torres del Paine and we spent the night over there.

On the way, we stopped a lot of times, and in one of this, we felt more integrated, it was the day that we felt that we were traveling with certain persons. Do you know when you feel surprised?

We were having fun and drinking good beers at this great Pub downtown. It's a town of just 20 twenty thousand people and it has a Californian aura of the '50s. I have lived in San Diego once and it reminded me of there, but a kind of older city. The city has no buildings. There are wooden houses, some look like toys! There are Chilean flags hanging in the houses, the streets are quiet. It is an adorable place.

It was a great and funny day!
Did you like it?

On the morning the next day, it will be the hard the on the road. We woke up in Chile, cross back the border, drove approximately 270 km until El Calafate to pick up our stuff and drove more 425 km until Él Chalten! The most beautiful place!

I wait for you in the next post!

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