"When you think he is just annoying bracelet seller and then his life story surprises you."

One big part of travel is meeting new people. And new people have always for you new stories.

Read inspirational travel story from Raquel Figueiredo who wrote in our app about her special moment in Rome. 

"Have you ever been in Rome? Well, me and my boyfriend have. And after tons of people trying to sell us bracelets or little statues, we were really annoyed... We wanted to walk without being stalked.

But then, we met a met a different man. Gicco. Who was more tall than my boyfriend (almost two meters, can you believe?) So we laughed. He wanted, of course, to sell us more bracelets... I was tired of saying no and part of me empathized with him. He was genuine. And we talked for hours. The bracelets were a gift, but I buyed us three milkshakes. Gicco is senegalese, but when he left his country, he also abandoned his old name and embraced Rome, the eternal city. He reborn with a new name. An italian one, that makes his soul sing. He told us that he’d been depressed for years and most of all afraid of end up in the streets...

"Sometimes people use your dreams and wishes against you, you know? I just wanted a good life for my son, so I left", he told us. I said "How can you take advantage of someone’s hope? That’s scary”. I don’t think Gicco could fully understood how things would be complicated. But, he was trying. Every week he sends all he can to his son. He name is Jakab. His father says that when he grow up, they will explore the italian places together. I hope they can.

Lots of love to you Gicco. You inspired us."

Raquel Figueiredo

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