5 Tips to plan your trip with GlobeStamp

By June 8, 2016Travel
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1. Choose your destination

All your travel plans will depend on the destination you choose. You can save your dream destinations at GlobeStamp App.

When you choose your destinations, share it with your friends. They know you better and they can give you the best recommendations, according their experiences and your profile.

2. Create your itinerary

Now it’s time to research and find what you visit in your choosen destination. With GlobeStamp App you can find all the experiences and major atractions available at each destination. Save it at your profile, and consult later.

3. Plan your trip costs

This is one of the best issues in planning a trip. You should have to check the transport and accomodation costs. Also you should check your destination life’s level and define a daily budget.

Don’t forget to check your credit cards in advance and have more than one option to pay.

You have access up to 15% disccounts in hotels with GlobeStamp.

4. Choose your accomodation

Research and find the best accomodation that fits your needs. It’s important to compare prices and to check it’s quality. With GlobeStamp you have the advantage to receive the best recommendations from your friends and avoid the feedback from people you don’t know.

We have almost 920.000 accomodations to show you due to our booking.com affiliation.

 5. Prepare your bags

This is always a tricky task. First of all, ensure the weather conditions. Choose your clothes according your destination weather conditions, but also considering the comfort and changes that can occur.

Don’t forget your personal objects, hygiene, medicin or first aids.

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