Short trips are one of the top travel trends of 2019. Over half of global travellers (53 per cent) report that they plan to take more weekend trips. They say that 2019 is the year of 'bite sized travel' - which means squeezing exciting travel into short but sweet time frames. 

And here are top tips that will guarantee you memorable and awesome weekend getaway.

1. Pick a place that interests you

First of all, short trips usually take just 2 or 3 days, so pick a place that interests you. That you maybe have wanted to see for long time, or even wanted to go again because of great memories and feelings you had there last time. Maybe you want to feel fresh ocean breeze or enjoy your time off in cute little local town out of touristic eyes? Ask yourself for what place you are “hungry” and pick the place that will bring you those feelings, so you can come get back from the trip refilled. 

2. Take A Chance On Last Minute-Bookings

One of important tips is checking last minute bookings. Sometimes you can get some amazing travel deals on accommodation or transport through last minute bookings. Let’s admit, finding 10 EUR plane ticket online is a great excuse to take a spontaneous trip, so just keep an eye out for deals. 

3. Bring a Travel Buddy (or a Few!)

We totally agree with tip of Ordinary travel. A weekend getaway can be the perfect opportunity to spend time with your partner or your friends, especially if you often find yourself too busy during the week. Good company will bring joy to everything you do and help make the weekend more memorable.

4. Check Something off Your Bucket List 

Make your perfect weekend getaway as special as possible by choosing an activity that is exciting and new. Whether it is a physical activity you’ve never done before, like hiking or canoeing, or whether is more educational activity for example cooking courses. You can also go to see finally some show or concert that you wanted for so long. Embrace the endless options of uncommon activities to truly make the most out of your trip. 

5. Pack light

Excitement of our time off can make our suitcases fuller just because of the thought: “but what if i will need also this? I just want to feel perfect on this precious time.” Like Dangerous Bussines is saying - you don't need 17 different outfit choices for a long weekend trip. Pack one outfit per day, along with some comfortable walking shoes. Make sure you're packing appropriately for your destination (taking into account both the weather forecast and the culture), but don't go overboard. 

This is especially important if you're flying over your long weekend trip. There's no point in wasting time standing around at baggage claim (or, worse, the lost luggage counter).

6. Travel by van

Yes, why not? You don’t need to book accomodation, you can stop on the way wherever you want and it brings you definitely different adventure. Traveling by van can be full of excitement and there are many van possibilities of renting it. 

7. Check local events

Being part of something special and specific just for one place, is definetely one of the most important tips. If you want to experience something more unique always check out what’s happening in the area where you’re going, especially if you’re going to a big city. Big cities are always full of life and there can be many things happening all at once. You might be interested in the open mic, food truck festival and who knows what else? Make sure you don’t miss anything.

8. Make it memorable

Travel can bring you fulfilment. Be sure to keep your memories safe so they will bring you joy even in future. There are plenty ways to save your best moments and thoughts. Do you know that writing about your travel memories has many personal and physical benefits for you? To make it for you easier, you can write your own travel stories and at same time save favourite photos in Globestamp app with big travel storytellers community. 

We do not need to go far to make travel memories. 

Make new memories and stamp someones life by sharing your inspirational travel story!

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